Monday, January 12, 2015

Saya Pilih Untuk Sihat

"Stop waiting for symptoms of illness, start your day now for a healthy living life."

"Berhenti menunggu tanda-tanda penyakit, mulakan hari anda sekarang untuk hidup kehidupan yang sihat."


My own qoute since i in love with Shaklee product.

In Mac 2014 a doctor told me during running a ultrasound process at my abdomen: "you better get some supplement product for yourself, cause from the image i scan, your liver a bit shinning from a normal liver, so to prevent from fatty liver you should get some supplement for your health as well as go and have a detail check-up from specialist......."

Since that time i start worry that my health will be not in good condition, at the time i had been put on weight a lot, every midnight i wake up suddenly because of vomiting eventhough i have my dinner before 8.00p.m. I cannot really have good quality sleep daily although i go in to bed early.

My condition make me getting worry. After a period of searching for a good quality supplement. I have been attracted by Shaklee product. I start consume ESP as my first product of supplement. I found out it really make me more energetic even i have my late breakfast. i start search for more about Shaklee. 

Alhamdulillah as a consumer of Shaklee product now my previous condition now no more attacking me. I have a great quality of sleep, wake up in early morning no more back pain or heavy dizzy head. As the great suprise i earn from Shaklee product is my weight now i still maintain in between 81.9 kg, previously my weight more than 90.5kg. Now i keep on maintain with ESP, Alfalfa, Lecithin and once a week having Herb Lax.

Nowadays, i also less of sneezing cause by sensitive nose or sinus. Mo more migrain attack the last time frequently happended on me every two weeks. My health get a lot of improvement. Thanks Allah let me having a good health condition nowaday and really in love with Shaklee caise have such great safe quality product for me and my family.

My own choice for extra daily consumption of supplements: Zinc Complex, Vita C Plus, B Complex, Vita E Complex, Meal Shakes, Ostematrix.

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